Party rule

House rules for the PuppyPark party

Why do we have rules?

In order to provide the best experience for each participant, the PuppyPark party has created a small set of rules to make the party a positive experience.

The rules are designed to keep you and others safe and to make the event a highlight for everyone.

The rules

No cell phones/smartphones/cameras at the party

For snapshots, the PuppyPark party always offers the option of using the photowall, where our team will take photos of you at any time, or of using our mobile photographers.
If you would like to have pictures in the ball pit or at other locations, you can always ask our mobile photographer or at the photowall whether a picture is possible at the desired location at a certain time.
With this rule, we want to comply with the house rules of the location and allow shy people to enjoy the party without having to worry about ending up in a selfie.

It’s important to us that everyone has fun at the party without having to worry about ending up on Instagram or other platforms without their own wishes.
Not every person wants to be associated with their passion on social media, be it for work reasons, family reasons or simply for other private reasons.
People who are caught taking photos independently may be removed from the party. We ask that the photographs provided be used for this purpose.

No latex / rubber in the ball bath (or other oil-treated clothing)

The PuppyPark party offers a large ball pit that every participant can use.
In order to prevent damage to other participants’ clothing and to increase the lifespan of the balls, we have decided to prohibit the wearing of rubber/latex in the ball pool, as silicone oil is usually used here to make the clothing shine or maintain it. This oil can potentially attack the balls and be transferred to them, which can ruin other people’s clothes. The same prohibition applies to any other item of clothing that has been treated with oil products/grease, e.g. freshly polished leather, which can still stain.

Pants mandatory outside the darkroom

In order to make the party a great experience for everyone, we ask you to wear at least one pair of underpants that cover the genital area outside the darkroom area.
The PuppyPark-Party wants to offer a great experience for every participant and therefore asks you to respect this rule.

Especially in the ball pool area, participants who violate this rule will be removed.

The following items of clothing are prohibited outside the darkroom:
Jocks (and other rear or intimate pants) without underpants underneath.
No pants.
Short skirts without underpants/panties underneath.

No sexual activity outside the darkroom area

The PuppyPark party is a play party for Pupplayer and we ask that sexual interactions only take place in the designated areas.

People of all sexualities and genders are welcome at the PuppyPark party. Not every attendee is sexually open or interested in sexual activity and wants to enjoy the party as a pet or handler without being confronted offensively with sexual topics and we ask that this be respected.

Sexual harassment of others at the party will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion from the party. Possible police / legal action may be taken after consultation with the harassed person.

No means no!

We ask you to listen to your counterpart.

If they do not want to have a conversation or other interactions with you and communicate this to you with a clear “NO”, we ask you to respect this. It is very important to us that every participant feels comfortable at the event and people who violate this will be excluded from the event. Our team will decide whether the person will be warned or directly excluded from the event for this and any subsequent events.

Report damage

If you accidentally break something at the event, we ask you to report this.
If we notice damage that may have been caused intentionally and catch the person responsible without them having reported the damage, we will speak to them accordingly and cannot rule out exclusion from the party.
Damage that has been reported can be assessed by us to determine whether this is an insured event or whether we can repair the damage without any problems.
Damage that has not been reported is a hazard! Any damage that cannot be easily repaired represents a financial loss for the event and jeopardizes future parties or can lead to a reduction in party equipment.
Important: Balls in the ball pool can always break, as can toys from the play area. These are everyday objects that are expected to be damaged. We would still ask you to report any toys from the play area.

The party is 18+

You can only enter the PuppyPark party from the age of 18.
Alcoholic drinks are available at the party as well as the option of using a darkroom, which is why the party location can only be entered from the age of 18.
However, the PuppyPark party is not a sex party, but a social event with the option of using a darkroom, which only makes up a small percentage of the party!

What are the consequences of breaking the rules?

The rules are controlled by the WatchDogs.
A breach of the rules can lead to a warning or exclusion from the party.

The severity of a rule violation depends on the type of violation and the assessment of the violation.
We want everyone to feel safe at the party and will take rigorous action if someone misbehaves.

Generally aggressive behavior will not be tolerated at the party and will lead to exclusion and, depending on the type of aggression, may result in a report to the police.

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